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Óbuda University
Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Institute of Power Engineering

Power Research Lab

1034 Budapest, Bécsi road 94-96
phone: +36-1-666-5828
fax: +36-1-666-5823

Welcome to our website Power Research Lab!

Research activities:

  • Overhead line and cable design, installation and opereational problems

  • Switching equipment arc circuit sizing and arc flash hazard estimation
  • Over current limiter and circuit development
  • Development of LED lighting drivers-devices
  • Transformer diagnostic and monitoring systems development
  • High voltage (220-750 kV) transformers on-site revision
  • Electric meters - smart metering, meter influence Problems
  • Ripple Control System (HKV, RKV), customers development
  • Subtation secondary documentation development - NAVIGATOR
  • power and reactive management problems
  • Mains harmonics and voltage flickers problem
  • Connection of small power plants, solar systems
  • Protection resolutions - studies
  • Microprocessor controls development
  • SMART BOJLER controllers - energy SAVINGS
  • SCADA - Load management , GIS etc
  • Training simulators for the energy-supply rpoblems